Gypsy Lures Speed Jig Black and Purple Vertical Jig  GLSJ15UKGypsy Lures Speed Jig Black and Purple Vertical Jig GLSJ15UK
Gypsy Lures Speed Jig Sardine Vertical Jig GLSJ15S
Gypsy Lures Speed Jig Chartreuse Glow Vertical Jig GLSJ15CG
Gypsy Lures Speed Jig Pink Glow Vertical Jig GLSJ15PG
Blackfin tuna caught using Gypsy Lure Speed Jig Black in and Purple color 150 grams while vertical jigging

Gypsy Lures Speed Jig

Gypsy Lures
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The Gypsy Lures Speed Jig is perfectly balanced to produce a vertical fleeing injured fish action that is irresistible to predatory fish.

This lure is used with a technique called high-speed or vertical jigging, where the lure is dropped to the bottom of the seafloor and retrieved rapidly with jerks of the rod upwards. The Speed Jig is a very effective method of catching tuna, amberjack, snapper, and grouper. Most of the time, vertical jigging will outperform bait fishing. Fish that are unwilling to take bait on a particular day cannot resist a reaction strike to a fleeing injured bait fish.

Use either the 150-gram or 200-gram version depending on current. A general rule of thumb is to use the least weight you can reach bottom with. This will save you a lot of shoulder pain! Most experienced vertical jiggers will use extremely light specialized gear. Using braided line is required to reach the required depths. Thankfully the Speed Jig's compact design allows it to reach deeper water by resisting the effects of current.

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  • UV-Enhanced for superior light reflection that calls the attention of fish
  • Some version use Glow paint that helps fish locate the lure in deeper drops where light does not penetrate and reflection is not effective
  • Two ultra strong assist hooks to increase hookup ratio