T&A Aspiron Flare Hawk
T&A Aspiron Flare Hawk
T&A Aspiron Flare Hawk
T&A Aspiron Flare Hawk
T&A Aspiron Flare Hawk
T&A Jigs Aspiron Flare Hawk Top View

T&A Aspiron Flare Hawk

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The US-made Aspiron Flare Hawk is designed to target snook as a bottom bouncing jig. Snook are typically found around jetties, inlets, or the beach around depths of 8 to 20 feet. They hold close to the bottom near shadow lines ready to prey on bait fish and shrimp. The key to using the flare hawk is to retrieve it as slow as possible while bouncing on the bottom through area where snook are. Once you feel a bite, set the hook hard. It's similar to fishing for bass. Unfortunately, by the very nature of having to run the lure long the seafloor, you will often snag up and loose the jig. A small price we all pay to catch the sought after trophy snook. For this reason, we recommend bringing a couple lures with you.

The jig is most effective when used at night time.Try casting parallel to the shadow lines of bridges or piers. You may also be surprised to hook a goliath grouper (Jewfish) that commonly strike these lures. Whatever bites, make sure you have a setup properly equipped to match the force of these giant fish.

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  • 3D eyes make a more realistic look and increase bites
  • Head shape protects 3D eyes from rocks while bouncing and allow lure to stand up mimicking a foraging bait fish
  • 8/0 Mustad hook is up the match of any hundred pound fish